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“Do I really need that much water every day?”

Posted on Jan. 7th 2011 | in Nutrition

People ask me all the time “how much water should I be drinking?”  My response has always been straight out of the National Academy Of Sports Medicine text book which is 96 ounces or 3 quarts a day…yes 3 quarts.  Most of my clients stare at me for a second and then say “really?”

For me, I’ve always drank when I was thirsty ( how profound am I? ).  The exception to this is if I’m working out, then I’ll continue to take in water throughout the workout.

Water intake is obviously very important,  especially if you’re working out, but what’s the right amount for you?  Where did the guidelines come from anyway?  Millions of dollars and years of human research, right?  Not exactly, try rodent hydration research-Huh?  Check out this article :

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