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"One of the best things I have done for myself was making that first phone call to Alex. Once he walked me through the program, talked about the lasting benefits and assured me he would be as involved as I'd like him to be, I said "lets do it".

Alex comes into my home and is ready to go and I cannot helped but feel excited about this new venture in my life. In a few short years I will be 50 and I will go into my 50's stronger and better than when I was 30.

It feels good to be strengthening my body and with that comes a stronger spirit."
Sharla B.


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Stocco Fitness Training
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FREE Personal Training Consultation

As a prospective client, you’ll receive a FREE, no obligation consultation. This allows us to meet and discuss your fitness goals, and see if I’m the right trainer for you.

About consultations
In order to personalize your program and optimize your results, I need to know more about you. During your initial consultation, I’ll ask you several questions to help me understand your overall physical condition and your short- and long-term fitness goals. I’ll also have you fill out a brief fitness evaluation.

Fitness evaluation
A fitness evaluation is a key piece of your consultation for two important reasons:

  1. It gives us a clear picture of your physical condition at the outset—your “baseline” or pre-training fitness level.
  2. It will help motivate you in your training program by establishing a starting point from which to work toward your goals.

Call or email me today for a free consultation!

Alex Stocco
Stocco Fitness Training
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